eToro recently launched the CRISPR CopyFund


CRISPR - One of the most innovative technologies in biomedicine

One of the most innovative technologies in biomedicine today is CRISPR. This revolutionary field will enable doctors to 'edit' your DNA, eliminating disease and even change physical features. Since this is an extremely new form of technology, investing in it now could potentially be compared to investing in tech stocks in the late 90s or cryptocurrencies 5 years ago.

" We now have the power to quickly and easily alter DNA. It (CRISPR) could eliminate disease. It could solve world hunger. It could provide unlimited clean energy. "
Wired Magazine 2015

" Terms like breakthrough and revolutionary are much abused. But when it comes to CRISPR gene editing, they are probably understatements. "
Kamel Khalili of Temple University in Philadelphia, New Scientist Magazine

eToro recently launched the CRISPR CopyFund, to enable clients to invest in this emerging industry that is reshaping the world of biotechnology. Hundreds of clients invested in the CopyFund on the first day of its launch on January 8th 2018.

" People are saying CRISPR is an extremely disruptive technology for DNA editing. We took the companies that wrote a lot of patents on this technology and have created an investment portfolio. This is something different...this is biotech. We have created a very interesting CopyFund. "
Yoni Assia, CEO & Co-Founder, eToro

The CRISPR CopyFund comprises leading companies who are investing in this technology, and the portfolio is rebalanced periodically to include the best exposure of CRISPR technology available on eToro. The minimum investment amount for the CopyFund is $5,000 and there are no management fees.

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