Etoro Copy Trader 2.0

As you may already know, this past year we’ve been working hard to take our revolutionary Copy Trading mechanism to the next level, a project that we’ve been calling “CopyTrader 2.0”.

CopyTrader 2.0

In our efforts to make your Copy Trading experience even better, we are going to be making some important changes to the Copy Trading system throughout the month of November.

A better, more stable system

The CopyTrader 2.0 has passed our beta-testing stage and is now in full swing, with more stable results across all points. We have fixed most of the known bugs, and thanks to the new Copy Stop Loss and Pause/Resume features we have managed to achieve optimal synchronicity between copied investor – copier accounts, to preserve more accurate trade proportions.

We are certain that the CopyTrader 2.0 will make your Copy Trading experience smoother and more rewarding.

Promoting responsible trading

We, as a company, are committed to encouraging our traders to invest responsibly in order to promote portfolios that are stable and profitable in the long term.

Trading responsibly is all about minimizing risk, and minimizing risk is all about protecting your investments, which is why, we are about to implement some changes to our default Copy Stop Loss and equity allocation limits.

As of November 2nd the default CSL will change from 95% to 40%, meaning that even if you forget to set a Copy Stop Loss, 60% of your investment will still be protected. By putting in place a lower default CSL, we are making sure that you are less exposed to risk and that you can invest safely, knowing that a good portion of your investment is guaranteed to come back.

Of course, this is just a precaution and you can always change the CSL from the default setting to your prefered amount.


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